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Interview: Pat Cadigan

Cheryl Morgan talks to Pat Cadigan at Heathrow airport shortly after their return from Finncon.
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Editorial: October 2010

September has been an interesting month. Reaction to Salon Futura at Worldcon was very positive, but then I went and won a Hugo as part of the Clarkesworld team and that rather distracted me. I did, however, bag an interview with Jay Lake, which you can find in this issue, and one with Seanan McGuire that we will have up next month.
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Geffen Award Winners

Israeli fandom has spoken, and the 2010 Geffen Award winners have been announced. Terry Pratchett and Isaac Asimov take the honours for translated works. Full details at SF Awards Watch.

New Online Fiction From Germany

Via the indispensable World SF blog, we discover that Inter Nova, a magazine based in Germany, has gone fully online. It publishes in English, but aims to publish primarily authors from outside of the English-speaking world. Translation services may be available in the future, but for now submissions must be in English. Interested authors should note that the magazine is strictly science fiction, no fantasy or horror. Presumably the decision of the editors is final in deciding what that means. The site currently has contributions from Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Croatia, South Africa, Israel and England in addition to Germany.

Two Interviews

Two very interesting interviews turned up in our blog feeds today. The first is at Techland where Lev Grossman interviews Paolo Bacigalupi about his sudden rise to fame, and the pair exchange some snark about literary fiction. And if you think that Paolo really has been an overnight success, go read the interview and find out how long you have to labor in obscurity before you get that sort of success.

The other interview is at World SF where Charles A. Tan talks to Indian SF writer, Samit Basu. There are some fascinating comments about the rapidly changing nature of the book market in India, and about the status of SF and fantasy in India. Also Samit is kind enough to quote Cheryl Morgan.

Banned Books Week

It is that time of year again: time to celebrate all of those wonderful books that have attracted the ire of self-appointed guardians of public morality. Here are The Guardian and GalleyCat highlighting some of the many events planned for the week.

Apex Book of World SF, Vol. 2

The Apex Book Company has announced the table of contents for volume 2 in Lavie Tidhar’s Apex Book of World SF anthology series. This really is an international affair, with contributors from far and wide around the globe, including Malawi, Peru, Cuba, India and Finland, to name but a few. The featured authors include Fábio Fernandes, who was a guest on The Salon last issue, and Lauren Beukes, whom we interviewed. The full list of stories can be found here.

Jay Lake Free of Cancer

Author Jay Lake reports that the growth removed from his liver recently has been tested and pronounced non-cancerous by his doctors. Further chemotherapy is therefore not required. We are delighted to hear this, and look forward to very many new Jake Lake novels and stories in future years.

Classic Steampunk Re-issues

Angry Robot Books have announced re-issues of two classic early steampunk novels by K.W. Jeter: Infernal Devices and Morlock Night. John Coutlhart, whose work adorns our first ever issue, did the cover art. We think it is gorgeous. Take a look.

Norton Awards Announced

The winners of the 2010 Norton Awards are Trina Robbins (writer) and Boilerplate (work, by Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett). Further details on Science Fiction Awards Watch.

September Chinese SF Newsletter

The September issue of the Chinese Science Fiction Newsletter is now available online. It includes news of various projects to publish Chinese SF, both in the original language and in translation.