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This is Issue #61 of Salon Futura. Here are the contents:

  • Cover: Green(ock) Woman: This issue's cover is Green(ock) Woman, by Iain J Clark

  • Ninth Life: The latest novel in Stark Holborn's Factus Sequence focuses on the lives of Gabi Ortiz: child general, rebel commander, and wanted murderer

  • The Brides of High Hill: Cleric Chih is back on the road again. But where is Almost Brilliant? And what about all those dead women...

  • Thornhedge: There is a princess trapped in a tower. Goddess help us all if she ever gets out.

  • The Association of Welsh Writing in English Conference: Cheryl is off into the wilds of Wales for a weekend of academia

  • The Word: Is there science fiction written and published in Wales? Of course there is. But because it is written and pubished in Wales, you probably haven't heard of it--until now

  • Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits: Could witch trials in the early modern period be evidence of a survival of shamanistic practices among the country folk of Britain? Emma Wilby thinks so.

  • X-Men ’97: The X-Men animated series is back. Can comics' greatest soap opera have another hit? Or, like the movies, is this another X-Men disaster?

  • Star Trek Discovery – The Final Season: Discovery had boldly gone and re-invented the past, and explored the future. Now we say goodbye to Michael Burnham and her crew. Has the series found its feet at last?

  • Editorial – May 2024: In which there are new things.

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