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Reports on conventions.

  • Worldcon – Wellington: It was the first virtual Worldcon. What does that mean for the future of the convention?

  • NASFiC – Columbus: There was an unexpected virtual NASFiC. What did they learn from Worldcon?

  • WisCon Online: Cheryl reports from one of the first major conventions to go online thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • BristolCon 2019: Cheryl's report on the annual SF&F convention in Bristol.

  • FantasyCon 2019: Cheryl reports on the 2019 Fantasycon which took place in Glasgow

  • Eurocon in Belfast: A report of Titancon, the 2019 Eurocon in Belfast

  • Worldcon #77 in Dublin: A report on the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention held in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Finncon 2019: A report on the 2019 Finncon, at which Cheryl was a Guest of Honour.