Cheryl MorganCheryl Morgan – Editor

Cheryl edited the online book review magazine, Emerald City, for 12 years, winning a Hugo Award for Best Fanzine along the way. She went on to win Best Fan Writer in 2009, and two more Hugos while on the staff of Clarkesworld Magazine in 2010 & 2011. Cheryl is the owner of Wizard’s Tower Press. You can learn more about Cheryl at her personal blog, Cheryl’s Mewsings.

Kevin StandleeKevin Standlee – Assistant Editor

Kevin Standlee is an expert on the rules of Worldcon and Westercon and has extensive experience in convention bidding. He co-chaired the 2002 Worldcon and is chairing the 2021 Westercon. Kevin also has been a Hugo Award administrator several times, and is currently part of the World Science Fiction Society’s Mark Protection Committee (which manages Worldcon’s intellectual property) and the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee (which manages the WSFS/Worldcon/Hugo Award web sites). Kevin has also chaired WSFS Business Meetings in six different countries. By the way, don’t get him started about trains, either.

The following people have contributed articles to Salon Futura in its current incarnation as a fanzine.

J. B. Toner

J.B. Toner studied Literature at Thomas More College and holds a black belt in Ohana Kilohana Kenpo-Jujitsu. He has published two novels, Whisper Music and The Shoreless Sea, and numerous shorter works. Toner currently resides in Massachusetts.

John Hertz was the Down Under Fan Fund delegate to Aussiecon IV, the 68th Worldcon; he was the only non-Japanese advisor to the 65th Worldcon in Yokohama, where he was sent from his home in Los Angeles by the one-time fund HANA (Hertz Across to Nippon Alliance). He is a three-time Hugo finalist for Best Fanwriter. He was Fan Guest of Honor at Westercon LVII and Loscon XXXVIII, Special Guest at Boskone L (Boskone does not have a Fan GoH). He is a judge for the Rotsler Award. He was given the Big Heart, the SF community’s highest service award. His fanzine is Vanamonde.

Paul Kraly, writing as Paul Driggere, has been a freelance writer, screenwriter, and ghost writer for far too long. He is 58, single, lives in Cleveland, and is owned by three cats and a very patient and loving cousin. Their latest book together is “Shadows in Light”. He loves writing, reading, and watching SF/F and horror the most.

The following people contributed to Salon Futura when it was a semiprozine. We are still very grateful to them. The bios are, inevitably, somewhat out of date.

Anne Gray – Copy Editor

Anne Gray copy edited the final five years of Emerald City for Cheryl and has also served as a freelance proofreader for Subterranean Press since 2006. In her other life she is a cognitive systems designer and human factors engineer. In yet another life she runs science fiction conventions and manages wikis about the genre. In her fourth life she and her husband Brian are having their first child this year. Luckily, she is part cat and has plenty of lives to devote to her various interests.

Sam JordisonSam Jordison – Mainstream Reviews

Sam Jordison writes regularly for the Guardian Book Blog. He blogs on a wide variety of literary subjects and has two long-running series about past Hugo Award winners and past Booker prize winners. He has also written several interviews and short stories for 3AM magazine, has written for most big newspapers in the UK and has published several books with mild swearing in the title like Crap Towns and Sod That. He is currently writing a blog about being painfully middle class in Britain.

He lives in Norwich with his family and very much enjoys swimming in the North Sea.

Karen BurnhamKaren Burnham – Short Fiction Reviews

Karen Burnham is an electrical engineer and physicist working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. She has no idea how she lucked into that job. To satisfy the other half of her brain, she reviews science fiction and fantasy literature, as well as indulging in some light scholarship on the topic. She writes reviews for Strange Horizons and SFSignal, and has written papers for the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts. Her own reviewing blog is

Jonathan ClementsJonathan Clements – Anime & Manga Reviews

Jonathan Clements was formerly the editor of Manga Max magazine and contributing editor to Newtype USA. He is the author of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis: Adventures in the Anime and Manga Trade, and the co-author of the Anime Encyclopedia and the Dorama Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese TV Drama Since 1953. He is writing new entries on Chinese and Japanese authors for the third edition of the Clute/Nicholls/Langford et al Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. He is a full-time writer of both fact and fiction, from the wholly unlikely biography of Coxinga the Pirate King to the entirely believeable BBC7 Doctor Who radio plays Immortal Beloved and Brave New Town. His blog can be found here.

Alvaro Zinos-AmaroAlvaro Zinos-Amaro – Pipleline Editor

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro grew up in Europe, mostly, and despite the advice of his betters earned a BS in Theoretical Physics and studied creative writing. He now lives in California. His fiction has appeared in Farrago’s Wainscot, Neon Literary Magazine, Basement Stories, New Dead Families and other online venues. His reviews and critical essays have appeared in The New York Review of Science Fiction, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Foundation and elsewhere. If you too are waiting for your own pet Aineko, visit Alvaro’s blog.

Roz Kaveney – Media Reviews

Roz Kaveney is a writer, critic and activist working in London as a publisher’s reader. She reviews extensively, most often for the Times Literary Supplement and the Independent; her books include Reading the Vampire Slayer, From Alien to The Matrix, Teen Dreams and Superheroes! She has edited and contributed to a number of sf and fantasy anthologies; much of her early fiction was written for the Midnight Rose books which she co-produced. A more recent novel is currently on the market. She is also a poet with a collection forthcoming. She has an active net presence, and has a LiveJournal as RozK.