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  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: The maddest of Arthurian tales gets the graphic novel treatment

  • StarHenge: The multi-talented Liam Sharp has an ambtious new creator-owned comic coming soon

  • The Old Guard: A review of the Hugo Finalist movie, The Old Guard, and the graphic novel on which it was based.

  • Vei — Volume 2: A review of volume 2 of the graphic novel series, Vei, written by Sara B Elfgren and drawn by Karl Johnsson

  • Picard — Countdown: There is a comic book series that acts as a prequel to the Picard TV series. Who knew? Now you do.

  • House of Whispers: Volume 1: A review of Volume 1 of Nalo Hopkinson's Sandman Universe comic, House of Whispers.

  • Vei – Volume 1: A review of volume 1 of Vei, a graphic novel series written by Sara B. Elfgren and illustrated by Karl Johnsson.