Cookie Policy

In compliance with EU Law, here is how “cookies” are used on this website.

Cookies are software tools that save information about what you do when browsing a website. While they can be used intrusively to gather information about your browsing habits, most of the use of these tools is benign, and often essential to the operation of the site. Typically cookies either pass information from one website to another, or forwards in time to remember how you used a site in the past. Here is how cookies are used at this website.

Analytics — This site uses the industry standard Google Analytics tools to gather anonymous information about the browsing habits of users. The tools tell us where in the world our visitors come from, which pages they read most, how they found the site, what browsers and operating systems they use, and so on. This information is useful in helping us improve the site in the future.

Spam prevention — The Bad Behavior anti-spam tool, which we use to help prevent spam comments appearing on this site, uses a cookie.

Comments — WordPress (the software on which this website runs) uses cookies to remember your name, email and URL so that once you have made one comment here you don’t have to type those things in each time.