Editorial – March 2022

And we’re back, after the February break. I almost said, “traditional February break,” but I think I need to get through a few more years before that is justified.

Anyway, the purpose of the February break is to allow me to get on with LGBT History Month (which is in February in the UK) without having to panic about getting enough books read for an issue of Salon Futura. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t read anything, so I have a few things already lined up for next issue.

Also next issue there should be an essay from me about the process of literary criticism. There’s been some good stuff written about this recently both in Strange Horizons and by Paul Kincaid. I figured I should make a proper response.

Next issue should also include a report from Eastercon, because in-person conventions seem to be a happening thing again.

But before we get there we have this issue, and I’m delighted to report that we have a guest article. This is a fanzine, so we don’t pay. However, JB Toner offered me an article anyway, and I’m happy to publish it. As was the case with Emerald City, if people want to write for me, do get in touch. All I ask is that you don’t mind being edited.