Editorial – June 2022

This issue seems to have something of a trans theme. We’ve got a book by a trans woman about a trans warrior warrior. We’ve got a movie directed by one of the world’s most famous trans women. And we have a Doctor Who audio drama that involves several trans people. Well it is Pride Month after all.

I’ve not been rushing around the world much this month, but I will be back in Finland soon for this year’s Finncon. Before that I’ll be online to Tonopah, Nevada for this year’s Westercon. Currently I have no convention plans for August, but that’s only because Worldcon is in early September this year.

Meanwhile things are happening at Wizard’s Tower. There will be a new Chaz Brenchley Outremer novel available soon, Juliet is working hard on the next Green Man book, and there will be an annoucement soon about a new signing.

– Cheryl