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  • Cover: Astronaut Moon: This issue's cover is Astronaut Moon by pizar_kestrap

  • She Who Became the Sun: A book based on real history with strong gender themes? What's not to like?

  • Cyber Mage: Uh oh, those crazy Djinn are up to no good again. But do they understand the internet?

  • The Faerie Queene: It is over 400 years old, but does Spenser's epic poem have anything to say to modern fantasy?

  • Elder Race: Adrian Tchaikovsky channels Gene Wolfe in this clever novella

  • Servant Mage: In which Kate Elliott takes aim at some of the tropes of epic fantasy

  • Eternals: Is Marvel's latest super team as dull as everyone is making out?

  • The Witcher – Season 1: Cheryl finally gets to toss a coin to the Netflix serial that everyone is talking about

  • Editorial – January 2022: A new year, or just 2020 on repeat?