Editorial – January 2022

Is it 2022 already? Or are we just repeating 2020 until we get it right? I don’t know. I haven’t been out since before the holidays, save for a couple of days when I picked up a fortnight’s groceries from Tesco. Given the state of the pandemic in the UK, it is likely to be another month or so before it looks safe to risk it.

Thankfully I have plenty of books to read. However, this being January I have spent rather more time doing research for LGBT+ History Month talks than reading speculative fiction. Fortunately one book saw double duty.

February is one of the two months in the year when Salon Futura takes a back seat. I will be busy giving talks and can’t guarantee to have consumed enough material to make a full issue. However, things should be back on track in March. And with any luck the UK will be back on track too, because there are conventions due.