Issue #8

This is issue #8 of Salon Futura. As usual we have a variety of content for you. Gary Westfahl celebrates a major anniversary in the history of science fiction. Raz Greenberg provides our first ever video game review. Alvaro goes looking for the legendary literary essay, and Jonathan follows this month’s Japanese writer to the British Museum.

Please do read the Editorial this month as there is some important information in it.

Here is the full contents list:

  • Cover: Forgotten Temple on a Lost Planet: "Forgotten Temple on a Lost Planet" by Duncan Long

  • Science Fiction’s Hundred Year Spree: Gary Westfahl celebrates a major anniversary in the history of science fiction.

  • Gray Matter: Raz Greenberg takes a look at the latest generation of adventure video games.

  • Hunting the Snark: Alvaro Zinos-Amaro contemplates the Literary Essay in Modern Science Fiction.

  • To the Stars: Yukinobu Hoshino: Jonathan Clements investigates Japan's mastermind of historical SF, the author of Professor Munakata's British Museum Adventure and TO: 2001 Nights.

  • Contenders: Cheryl Morgan looks at two books that are being tipped as future award winners.

  • The Salon: YA Science Fiction: This month on The Salon Cheryl Morgan and her guests discuss writing science fiction for young people. With Cheryl in The Salon are David D. Levine, Imogen Russell Williams and Ben Jeapes.

  • Interview: Nick Harkaway: Cheryl Morgan talks to author Nick Harkaway at his home in North London. Our apologies for Nick being an odd shade of blue early on. It took a while for the camera to adjust to the lighting. He looks a lot better later on, we promise.

  • Interview: R.F. Long: Cheryl Morgan talks to author R.F. (Ruth) Long at the P-Con convention in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Pipeline: April 2011: Alvaro Zinos-Amaro presents some of the books due out in the coming month, as selected by our staff.

  • New In Store: April 2011: What's new in the Wizard's Tower store this month.

  • Editorial: April 2011: Well, this is an editorial I hoped I wouldn’t have to write for a while. As you probably all know, this is not the best of times to be starting a new business. With all of the economic uncertainty, people are buying less, and that includes books. Fortunately Wizard’s Tower was planned to require little in the way of operating

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