New In Store: April 2011

What’s new in the Wizard’s Tower store this month.

His Majesty's Starship - Ben Jeapes

First up this month we have news of two books that are not in the store yet, but will be arriving this month. Wizard’s Tower Press is delighted to be publishing two books by British author, Ben Jeapes. First up is his YA science fiction novel, His Majesty’s Starship. Unusually for YA, it doesn’t feature teenage protagonists and issues. It does, however, have one of the most interesting alien races we know about. And the British Royal Family, doing their best to survive in humanity’s space-faring future.

In addition we are publishing Jeapes Japes, a collection of Ben’s short fiction, most of which has been published in magazines sch as Interzone and F&SF.

Diana Comet - Sandra McDonald

Meanwhile in the store we have a sale running. Lethe Press have three of their books shortlisted for the Lambda Literary Awards, and to celebrate all of those titles are currently on sale. You can find Tanith Lee’s Disturbed by Her Song, the anthology, Wilde Stories 2010, and Sandra McDonald’s magnificent collection, Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories, all at half price.

White Queen - Gwyneth Jones

Talking of saving money on good books, we are absolutely delighted to be selling the famous Aleutian Trilogy by Gwyneth Jones (White Queen, North Wind and Phoenix Café). If you buy all three together you save 20%. White Queen is a Tiptree winner, and both it and North Wind were finalists for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

Goblin Tales - Jim C. Hines

Finally this month we are delighted to welcome another new publisher: author Jim C. Hines. Jim is experimenting with e-publishing, and we are delighted to stock his collection, Goblin Tales. The stories in this book are set in the same world as his well-loved Goblin Quest trilogy.


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