Interview: R.F. Long

Cheryl Morgan talks to author R.F. (Ruth) Long at the P-Con convention in Dublin, Ireland.

Here are some links arising from the interview:

The novel that promises the soul-transforming sex is Soul Fire [Purchase].

The other novel Ruth mentions in the interview is The Scroll Thief [Purchase].

If you are interested in science fiction romance, the web site that Ruth recommended is Galaxy Express.

About the Interviewee

R.F. Long

R.F. Long always had a thing for fantasy, romance and ancient mysteries. The combination was bound to cause trouble. In university she studied English Literature, History of Religions and Celtic Civilisation, which just compounded the problem.

Her fantasy novel The Scroll Thief and paranormal romance Soul Fire are currently available from Samhain Publishing, online and in all good bookshops. The Holtlands novellas, The Wolf’s Sister and The Wolf’s Mate are available individually as ebooks or together in the print collection Songs of the Wolf.

Her current project is a dark contemporary YA fantasy which will be available from Dial Books for Young Readers in the summer of 2012.

Her website is and she can be found on Twitter as @RFLong.

She works in a library of rare and unusual books. But they don’t talk to her that often. Or she’s learning to ignore them.

Ruth’s photo is by Emer O’Kelly, 2008