Interview: Nick Harkaway

Cheryl Morgan talks to author Nick Harkaway at his home in North London. Our apologies for Nick being an odd shade of blue early on. It took a while for the camera to adjust to the lighting. He looks a lot better later on, we promise.

Here are some links arising from the interview:

The novel that we talk about is The Gone Away World [Purchase].

Nick’s wife, Clare, works for the human rights charity, Reprieve.

His father writes spy novels.

About the Interviewee

Nick Harkaway

Nick Harkaway was born in Cornwall in 1972. He studied philosophy, sociology, and politics at Clare College, Cambridge, and then worked in the film industry. He has trained in fencing, aikido, jujitsu and kickboxing, and is notably bad at all of them. Over the past ten years, his professional writing has included several film scripts, a brochure for a company making modular bottle-capping machinery, and website copy for an exclusive boutique selling glamorous designer lingerie. He is the author of The Gone-Away World, and the forthcoming Angelmaker, as well as another book he is not allowed to talk about yet. He lives in London with his wife, Clare, and his daughter, Clemency.