Editorial: April 2011

Well, this is an editorial I hoped I wouldn’t have to write for a while.

As you probably all know, this is not the best of times to be starting a new business. With all of the economic uncertainty, people are buying less, and that includes books. Fortunately Wizard’s Tower was planned to require little in the way of operating expenses. We will be able to keep publishing books (indeed we have two more coming out this month), and running the bookstore. However, Salon Futura is not so cheap to run, primarily because we pay our contributors. I had been subsidizing the magazine because I knew it would take time to build a reputation, but the economic crisis has just hit my other business rather badly and I can no longer afford to do so.

There is enough money in the bank for one more issue, but unless there is some sort of miracle in the coming month then issue #9 will be our last. I’m not going to run a “Save Salon Futura” campaign, because what the magazine needs is regular income, not one small injection of cash. But I will keep looking for sources of funding.

I’ll do a proper thanks editorial next month, as there are a lot of people to thank, but in particular I’m very grateful that we did have a small number of regular and supportive readers.