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Believing in Snow


Cheryl Morgan ponders different barriers to suspension of disbelief.
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The Salon: Running A Small Press


This month on The Salon we welcome three people who run their own science fiction and fantasy publishing businesses. To find out just what it takes to do this sort of thing, and what the various changes affected the publishing business will mean for a small press, listen to L. Timmel Duchamp (Aqueduct Press), Alisa Krasnostein (Twelfth Planet Press) and Sean Wallace (Prime Books).
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Interview: Gary K. Wolfe


Cheryl Morgan talks to critic Gary K. Wolfe at the London home of fellow critic, John Clute. A certain amount of red wine is involved.
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Interview: Ann VanderMeer


Cheryl Morgan talks to editor, Ann VanderMeer, about Weird Tales and some of the projects she is working on with her husband, Jeff. Our apologies for the lack of video. As we are living in the future you can, of course, get free video phone calls to anywhere in the world, but the quality is not yet up to publishing standards. Ann is at home in Florida, Cheryl at home in England, the recording is voice only.
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New In Store: February 2011


I’m delighted to be able to report that two more small presses have decided to sell through the Wizard’s Tower bookstore.
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Editorial: February 2011

It is a cliché for a magazine editor to say that things are busy, because things are always busy when you are on a monthly schedule. Yet busy I am. Here’s a brief run-down of what is going on.
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Heart of Darkness Reviewed

Those of you who enjoyed Sam Jordison’s exploration of Johanna Sinisalo’s Birdbrain and its relationship to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness might be interested in this review of the Conrad story by Larry Nolen.

Eclipse Four Table of Contents

Jonathan Strahan has posted the Table of Contents for the fourth volume of his critically acclaimed Eclipse anthology series. You can find the list of stories at his website.

NESFA Announces 4th Anderson Collection

NESFA Press has announced the publication of a fourth volume in its continuing series collecting the short fiction of Poul Anderson. It is named Admiralty after the lead story. The book has 508 pages and contains 23 stories. It is edited by Rick Katze, has an introduction by David G. Hartwell and a cover by John Picacio. For further details click here.

Call for Interstitial Criticism

Over at the Interstitial Arts Foundation Delia Sherman and Helen Pilinovsky are launching what they describe as a “rolling online anthology of interstitial criticism on interstitial texts”. One essay of between 750 to 3500 words will be published each month. Payment will be “a $25 honorarium per essay for non-exclusive world anthology rights.” For full details including how to submit work, see here.

Can science fiction be literature?

YES. Next question?

That was especially for you, Charlie Jane Anders.

Meanwhile, for everyone else, Damien G. Walter has made another assault on the Booker Prize over at The Guardian.