Editorial – June 2024

It has been an other month of not getting much reading done. Or at least not much reading I can talk about. The best reading time for me is always when I’m on trains or aircraft. That bodes well for this month as I’m off to Finland tomorrow and then France, so I’ll have plenty of good reading time.

Having thought about the practicalities, I’m not going to put out an issue in July. I’ll be very busy trying to fit a month’s worth of day job, and last minute Worldcon prep, into the small part of July when I will be home. Also, if I just write stuff and get some of it online, I’ll be better placed to get an issue out in August, including a Worldcon report.

Not that I’m hugely looking forward to Worldcon. Obviously I’m looking forward to selling books and seeing a whole bunch of friends, especially Kevin. But I’m seeing a lot of people writing furiously about what WSFS Should Do, or indeed Must Do, and very little consideration of what it will take to get these ideas past the Business Meeting, let alone make them work in practice. I suspect that the Business Meeting in Glasgow will be a train wreck, and everyone will be Very Angry again.

Please remember, folks, political change does not happen just because you want it to, or because you have written an angry blog post setting out the moral case for your ideas to be adopted. You have to put in the work. Because if you don’t, you can be sure that the people with far less scruples than you will end up winning again.