Issue #51

This is the June 2023 issue of Salon Futura. Here are the contents.

  • Cover: Fantasy Forest: This issue's cover is by Karen Nadine. Does it show a priestess of Freyja? That would be very appropriate.

  • Furious Heaven: Volume two of Kate Elliott's gender-swapped Alexander the Great space opera has landed. It does not disappoint.

  • Translation State: Did you think that the Presger were scary, reader? Pah, that's nothing, you should try being a baby Presger. Ann Leckie returns to the world of the Imperial Radch.

  • Salt on the Midnight Fire: Liz Williams produces a triumphant final volume to the Fallow Sisters series.

  • Across the Spider-Verse: The animated Spider-Man movie gets a sequel, and an awful lot more Spider-People. Cheryl is entranced, and not just by the hints the Gwen Stacy is trans.

  • Witch King: Martha Wells returns to fantasy in a fascinating new setting.

  • The Unraveling: How will family life change when people live for hundreds of years, and can have multiple bodies? Much will change, but family drama remains the same, in this fascinated book by Ben Rosenbaum.

  • Hild: With Menewood close to publication, Cheryl looks back on the first part of Nicola Griffith's historical fiction series

  • Eurocon 2023: This year's Eurocon was in Sweden. Cheryl went along and had a great time.

  • Vikings at Uppsala: When in Sweden, do some research on Viking archaeology. Cheryl is off down a research rabbit hole.

  • Heilung – LIFA: Where there are Vikings, there must be songs invoking Odin and the rest of the gods? Is that Freyja's voice that I hear above the drums?

  • Editorial – June 2023: There is so much good stuff, both written and on film, coming out these days. How does one keep up?