Editorial – June 2023

I got a fair amount of reading done this month thanks to the travel to Eurocon. Hopefully I’ll be similarly productive this month as I will be off to Canada for the NASFiC.

Next issue should be a good one as I have some great stuff lined up for review. Most importantly, Nicola Griffith has kindly sent me an eARC of Menewood. In addition I have a whole 9 hours of audiobook to listen to. Normally I don’t do such things, but this is Vergil! A Mythological Musical, written by Maria Dahvana Headley and with an all-star cast including Will Young.

The TV is getting busy as well. I have started watching Secret Invasion and the new series of Strange New Worlds. Netflix has informed me that Titans season 4 and The Witcher season 3 are now available. And Good Omens 2 should begin soon. I need to retire so that I can read and watch stuff.

But I can’t. In case you missed it, Wizard’s Tower will be publishing a lesbian space opera trilogy from the wonderful Lyda Morehouse. The press release is here. That’s work I shall be delighted to do.