New in Store: September 2010

Each month we plan to bring you news of new releases in the Wizard’s Tower Press web store. Except that we are still building the store, so there’s not much to say this month. Fortunately editor, Colin Harvey, has come through with the table of contents for Dark Spires. We’ll have that available for pre-order as the store is finished. Meanwhile here’s something to whet your appetite.

  • Sarah Singleton: “The Preacher”
  • John Hawkes-Reed: “Pump House Farm”
  • Adam Colston: “Cobalt Blue”
  • Joanne Hall: “Corpse Flight”
  • Colin Harvey: “Spindizzy”
  • Eugene Byrne: “Spunkies”
  • Christina Lake: “The Sleeper Stone”
  • Guy Haley: “Outside”
  • Liz Williams: “Milk”
  • Roz Clarke: “Last Flight To West Bay”
  • Gareth L. Powell: “Entropic Angel”