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  • Editorial: Welcome to Salon Futura: Hello, and welcome to the first issue of Salon Futura, a new and hopefully somewhat different magazine devoted to the discussion of science fiction, fantasy and other forms of speculative literature.

  • Cover: R’lyeh: "R'lyeh" by John Coulthart.

  • Notes on The Waterworks: There's a famous story that in 1899 Charles H Duell resigned from the US patent office and recommended that it be closed on the basis that "everything has already been invented". It isn't true.

  • The Dream Master: Satoshi Kon, who died on 23rd August, was a manga artist and anime director who brought a truly mature perspective to the Japanese animation medium.

  • Writing in the Real World: Cheryl Morgan is Salon Futura’s editor. She will be writing mainly about recent novel releases.

  • Short Fiction: September 2010: Karen Burnham will be bringing us news of the best of recent short fiction releases, concentrating primarily on stories that are online where you can go and read them immediately.

  • The Salon: A Changing Conversation: This month we welcome Gary K. Wolfe, Nnedi Okorafor and Fábio Fernandes. The topic of conversation is, perhaps appropriately, The Conversation -- how we talk about science fiction and understand its history.

  • Interview: China Miéville: Cheryl Morgan talks to China Miéville at China's home in North London.

  • Interview: Lauren Beukes: Cheryl Morgan talks to Lauren Beukes at the home of John & Judith Clute in North London. Lauren Beukes is a recovering journalist turned TV scriptwriter and novelist. She is the author of Zoo City and Moxyland. She lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Pipeline: September 2010: Book highlights selected by Salon Futura contributors and staff, and occasionally by our podcast guests and interviewees.
    In this issue: Zoo City and Moxyland, Winter Song, What I Didn’t See and Other Stories, Zero History, An Artificial Night, The Quantum Thief, How To Live Safely In A Science Fiction Universe, Finch, The Reapers Are The Angels, The Living Dead 2, A Star Shall Fall, Blameless, The Evolutionary Void.

  • New in Store: September 2010: Each month we plan to bring you news of new releases in the Wizard's Tower Press web store.