Salon Futura is closed to submissions until such time as we can find the necessary funds to re-start the magazine. When we do, this is the sort of thing we’ll be looking for.

Critical Articles

Each issue will feature one article of literary criticism focusing on science fiction, fantasy and related fields. Articles must be clearly and entertainingly written so as to appeal to the general reader, but in depth enough to be of interest to specialists in the field. Payment is 5c/word up to 2000 words.

Guest Reviews

Each issue will feature a column by a guest reviewer. Such columns may cover one or more books. The books in question need not be recently published, though they should normally be from the past 12 months. Reviews must have something interesting to say about the book, and not simply recap the plot or say whether the reviewer enjoyed it. Payment is 5c/word up to 2000 words.

Cover Art

Each issue of Salon Futura will feature cover art. Rates are negotiable.

Submission Guidelines

Material must be submitted electronically to editor [at] salonfutura [dot] net. We can handle most common file formats, but if you send us something we can’t read that’s your problem, not ours.

One comment

  • Márcio Salerno

    Gentlemen, greetings.
    I’m an illustrator from Brazil and I would like to send you some samples of my work, for your perusal and, if you like them, inclusion in your magazine. Could you give me your e-mail, so that I can send the samples, please? I am a journalist, writer, translator and illustrator.
    I thank you for your attention and await your answer.
    Best regards

    Márcio Salerno