Editorial – April 2024

This issue is a little thin. My excuse is that I have been travelling for a couple of weeks during the past month. That was first to Malta for an Assyriology conference, and then to Luxembourg for LuxCon.

Malta is an incredibly beautiful place, but as I spent most of my time in university buildings, and had to rush off to Luxembourg, I don’t have much of a tourist report. In particular I did not get to visit the Neolithic temple complex on Gozo. Must go back.

Luxembourg was great fun. See the con report elsewhere in this issue.

Travelling is great for getting reading done. I got through a couple of long novels while I was on trains and aircraft. But it is useless for anything else, because your entire day is given over to the travel, or the thing you have travelled to do.

By next issue I should have finished both The Three Body Problem (on Netflix, which I an very much enjoying this far), and Discovery Season 5. I also have an ARC of the new Stark Holborn novel, which I am very excited about.

Also in next issue I should have a report from this conference. Should be fun.