Cover: Suffragette Tree

Once again it is time to use a piece of art by the very wonderful Iain J Clark on the cover. This is the time of year when trees feature heavily in the seasonal mythology, so I thought this piece would be perfect. As well as being a lovely tree, it also features the Hugo rocket, to remind you that the Glasgow Worldcon is not far away now, which is the primary purpose of running these images.

Iain titled this piece “Suffragette Tree” because of the colours. I’m always happy to see those colours used for good, because these days they have been co-opted by the anti-trans lobby to represent a bizarre misinterpretation of feminism. I’m pretty sure that Iain agrees with me on that point.

As usual, you can find a larger, unadorned version of the art below.

The Glasgow committee noted:

Glasgow 2024 has been incredibly privileged to have been supported by the donated artwork of Iain J Clark. He was a Hugo nominee in the ‘Best Fan Artist’ category for three consecutive years and he won the BFSA award for best artwork in 2020 with ‘Ship Building Over the Clyde’ and in 2021 with the ‘Glasgow Green Woman’ which are available along with his other beautiful work at

If you want to know more about the Glasgow Worldcon, their website is: