Editorial – October 2023

The Dark has risen. Winter is approaching here in the Northern hemisphere and the clocks have gone back in the UK. You may have noticed that I have not yet got round to reviewing the final volume of Susan Cooper’s legendary fantasy series. That’s mainly due to having too many other good books clamouring for my attention, but it has turned out to be quite convenient. It will be in the next issue, alongside my thoughts on the Fantasy exhibition at the British Library, which I am booked to see early in November.

Other than that trip to London, I’m not planning to go very far for several months. Convention season is pretty much over, and SMOFcon is in Boston this year so I can’t go even if I wanted to. I think my next con trip will be to LuxCon in April (and I am not going to EasterCon so it won’t be able to prevent me from getting to Luxembourg this time).

Hopefully being stuck at home for a few months will give me time to work on some more books. We have Lyda’s lesbian space opera book to come, and there should be some new Chaz next year.

Other than that, I expect to spend several months keeping warm, trying new recipes, and reading books.