Editorial – September 2023

After all of the reading I got done last month, this month has been a bit of a disaster. That’s partly because I have had a lot of work come in, and partly because I unexpectedly ended up on an award jury and can’t review books I’m reading for that. So this month is mainly short fiction, plus one academic book and one novel review reprinted from 2015. Thankfully I had two media reviews held over from last issue, so this one isn’t too thin.

In view of this I’m very grateful to Raz Greenberg for sending me his long and thoughtful piece about the television director, Rudolph Cartier, who amonsgt other things was responsible for the legendary Quatermass series. As I remarked to Raz when the article came in, my dad was huge fan of Quatermass, but I was too young to be allowed to watch.

Something else that has been occupying my time this month is getting The Green Man’s Quarry ready for publication. That’s due on October 21st, but there will be a book launch at BristolCon the previous Friday evening. I hope to see some of you there. In the meantime, pre-orders are open, and you can find links to sale pages I know about here. Note that includes reserving a copy for pick-up at BristolCon, and ordering a signed copy to be mailed to you after the con, both at the special, convention rate.

Finally I should note that Wizard’s Tower is starting a newsletter. The first issue will come out on October 11th and you can sign up here.