Editorial – August 2023

Well that was a surprise. Not only did I have enough material for an issue in August, I had more than enough and am leaving a couple of reviews for next month. Of course traveling to Glasgow and back by train was a big help. Though I did also read the new Green Man book on that journey. Obviously I’m not going to review that. I’m waiting patiently for Ben to finish the cover so I can start doing publicity.

This month I have a couple of Kickstarter campaigns that I’d like to recommend. The first is Filling your worlds with words, a book about using language in worldbuilding. I’m really looking forward to this. If you want to get some idea of the flavour of the book, check out C D Covington’s column at Tor.com. Now imagine that but in much more depth. The campaign is already funded, so you can just buy the book at the cheapest price.

The second is Embroidered Worlds: Ukrainian Fantastic Fiction, from the lovely people at Atthis Arts. As the title suggests, it is an anthology of fantastical stories written by Ukrainian writers and members of the Ukrainian diaspora. This one launches on Friday. There will be more information about it up then.

For UK folks, I will be at FantasyCon in September, but I won’t have a dealer table. I still don’t have a car that I would trust to get me all the way to Birmingham.

Looking further ahead, I may be at Octocon virtually, but we are holding a writing workshop in Llandybie that weekend too. If you are interested in spending a weekend in the wilds of Wales with Roz and Jo for tutors, let me know. (Their web presence is on Farcebook so I can’t point you at it.)