Issue #50

This is the May 2023 issue of Salon Futura. Here are the contents.

  • Cover: Draw Down the Stars: This issue's cover is "Draw Down the Stars" by Iain J Clark.

  • Infinity Gate: Mike Carey starts a new duology on the biggest canvas possible, the multiverse

  • When Women Were Dragons: Are you a woman? Are you angry about men? Would you like to turn into a dragon and burn a few of them to a crisp? Well why not just do it?

  • Hel’s Eight: Stark Holborn returns to the moon, Factus, for some more desperate frontier adventure, Space Western style.

  • The Terraformers: Some classic political science fiction from Annalee Newitz

  • The Peripheral – Season 1: The TV version of The Peripheral deviates signifcantly from the book. Does it still work?

  • The Cleaving: In which Juliet McKenna takes on the Arthurian legend

  • Descendant Machine: The new novel from Gareth L Powell does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • HistFest 2023: Popular history writers have conventions too. Cheryl has been to one.

  • Celtic Wales: A small but expertly written book explores what we really know about the iron age inhabitants of Wales.

  • 2023 Tolkien Lecture: This year's Tolkien Lecture was given by Maria Dahvana Headley. Cheryl was there.

  • Swansea ComicCon 2023: Cheryl goes to her local ComicCon

  • Willow – the TV Series: Twenty-odd years on in fantasy time, and over thirty in our world, Willow finally has a sequel.

  • Editorial – May 2023: Cheryl has some thoughts on declining interest in conventions.