Editorial – December 2021

You would have thought, with the long winter holiday, that I would have had plenty of time to catch up on my reading. That was certainly the plan. Circumstances dictated otherwise. Apparently I can’t read much when I am upset and angry. And boy was I upset and angry for much of December. Friends don’t let friends get involved with Worldcon.

On the other hand, I did find that I was able to zone out in front of the TV. That helped a lot. Consequently you have reviews of three TV series and a movie in this issue. I feel like I have only scratched the surface too. I have finally started watching The Witcher. Everyone is telling me that The Wheel of Time is very good. I’m behind on a whole lot of stuff. Truly it is a golden age of SF&F TV.

Anyway, here’s to 2022. It is the year in which the film, Soylent Green, is set. So I guess we can expect that we’ll all be eating recycled human in the near future. Frankly, give the government we have in the UK, that would not surprise me. But at least we have a whole lot of good books, films and TV series to look forward to.