Editorial – January 2021

Welcome to the New Year, same as the old year but with an added attempted right wing coup in the USA. We are living in interesting times, alright.

Not that I have too much time to worry. February is LGBT History Month in the UK and I have a whole heap of speaking engagements lined up. This is a good time to remind you that there will be no issue of Salon Futura in February because I will be way too busy. We’ll be back in March.

I note also that Hugo Nominations are now open. I very much hope that we get more interest in the fanzine category this year. You don’t have to vote for Salon Futura, there are plenty of other great candidates being profiled in Cora Buhlert’s Fanzine Spotlight project.

I was thinking of commenting on the utter mess that DisCon III made of trying to do something about the sheer volume of finalists, but I don’t have time and they seem to have fixed the problem. While it is great that Nicholas Whyte, Kevin and a bunch of other old-timers have come to the rescue, it is a tragedy that a bunch of young fans who wanted to get involved in running WSFS functions were forced out before the convention got a grip on things. The less said about Colette Fozzard’s “It’s all about poor, pitiful me” flounce in File 770 the better.