Editorial – December 2020

Last issue was a bit thin, but hopefully I have made up for it this time. There’s nothing quite like an extended holiday for getting some reading done.

This is the last issue of 2020, and obviously we are all looking forward to better times in the New Year. As far as the UK goes, I’m not very confident. We still have a malevolent, incompetent government, and we have the effects of Brexit to cope with too. Hopefully there will be plenty of good books to keep me distracted.

A new year also means a new awards season, so I should remind you that Salon Futura is eligible in the Best Fanzine category of the Hugo Awards. If you don’t think we are good enough, please nominate something else. Fanzines have been the lifeblood of fandom for a very long time, and it would be a shame to see the category disappear because no one reads them anymore.

And on the subject of awards, if you haven’t seen the announcement, there is a new set of translation awards in town. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Rosetta Awards are being run by the Future Affairs Administration folks in China. There will be awards for long form, short form, and for services to translation. Someone to my surprise, I have been asked to chair the jury for the long form award, so that’s more reading that I need to do and can’t review. Oops.