Cover: The Thief’s Gamble

For this issue’s cover I have used the cover of Juliet McKenna’s The Thief’s Gamble, which we have just brought back into paper at Wizard’s Tower. It is one of five books in the Tales of Einarinn series, all of which are available again as paperbacks after many years, and which are newly available as hardcovers to most readers.

The art is by Geoff Taylor who did the covers for all five books. Juliet and I talk a bit about his work in the interview in this issue.

Thanks to advances in printing technology, the hardcovers of the books have the plain art printed on the covers of the books. The books still have dust jackets with text on them, but underneath they are pure art. Well, the printers insist on putting a barcode on the back cover, but it is almost pure art. And that means you can get the full benefit of gorgeous things like this.