Editorial – February 2020

OK, so February is a short month, even in a leap year. Also it is my busiest month of the year because it is LGBT History Month here in the UK and I end up going all over the place giving talks. I’m relieved to have got this out only a day after the end of the month.

And now we are into March, which means Hugo Nominating Deadline. You need to get it done by March 14th, and ideally you should get it done before then just in case there are any IT meltdowns.

Talking of which, when I did my Hugo suggestions last month I totally forgot that Captain Marvel was a 2019 film. That means that Avengers: Endgame won’t make the cut. I think that BDP: Long could be quite interesting this year with so many good seasons of TV eligible.

Oh, and please don’t forget to nominate in Fanzine. You don’t have to vote for this one, but you do need to support the tradition of long-form fannish writing. Please.

Finally on the subject of awards, huge congratulations to Juliet E McKenna for getting The Green Man’s Foe onto the Best Novel short list in the British Science Fiction Association Awards. That means that I will be at Eastercon doing the proud publisher thing, and will have a dealer table. I’ll be fresh off a plane from Western Canada and jet-lagged to the nines, but I should also have something rather exciting and Juliet-related for you folks to see (and hopefully but). More news next issue.