Editorial – October 2019

Well, here we are again. I’ve managed three issues of the new incarnation of this thing, and the UK has had another stay of execution. I do wish I was living in less interesting times.

Still, we have books. I have reviewed a bunch of them. There’s also an interview with Ellen Datlow that I recorded at the Eurocon. You may have heard some of it on my radio show, but this version includes all of the insider stuff that I had to cut out for a general audience.

Also I have an article by Kevin in this issue. It has always been our intention to run articles about conrunning here. Earlier this month John D. Berry wrote blog post about convention badges that got widely shared on social media. It is a great post, because John is an expert on typography and can talk authoritatively about how to design a readable badge. But there’s a lot more to convention badges than readability, so I thought this would be a good time to update Kevin’s article on that topic which he first wrote for Steven Silver’s Argentus many years ago.

I should also say a little bit about schedule. Right now I am doing one issue a month. With Emerald City I did ten a year, with deliberate extended breaks for Worldcon and midwinter. Both of those things are less of an issue for me now, so I might be able to manage a 12-issue year, but I need to see how things go for a while. My life is way more hectic than it was when I was doing Emerald City.