Editorial – September 2019

Hey, I’ve managed another issue! Only another 100 or so to go to match Emerald City. Not that I’m particularly worrying about that at this stage.

I was hoping that this issue would have more on the fallout from Worldcon, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy and I’ve not had time to write much. It is good that I wrote a pile of book reviews earlier in the month.

Of course one of the reasons I have been busy recently has been that I have been working on Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion II, the latest book from Wizard’s Tower. The ebook should be available on pre-order from Amazon, Kobo and B&N by the time you read this. And the paper edition should be available at BristolCon. My thanks to Roz Clarke & Jo Hall for the editing, and to Andy Bigwood whose cover art also adorns this issue. A special shout out to for Charlotte Bond who came in to do some last minute copyediting when the timescales were getting a bit frantic.

Oh yeah, and the book has some great stories. And one by me.

Later this month I will be at FantasyCon in Glasgow, where I am crossing my fingers that Juliet McKenna will come home with an award for The Green Man’s Heir. I’m hoping to do some interviews while I am there. And of course there will be BristolCon at the end of October (just when I need to be putting issue #12 together).

Next month there should be reviews of books by JM Alvey, K Arsenault Rivera and Kate Heartfield, among others. And I have an interview with Ellen Datlow from Titancon to run.