New In Store: May 2011

Books added to the Wizard’s Tower store this month.

Mechanique - Genevieve Valentine

New books continue to come in, perhaps most significantly Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti, from Genevieve Valentine, which we mentioned in Pipeline last month. Farren Miller reviews the book in the May issue of Locus and sounds very impressed. Miller notes that despite the appearance of the cover, the book, “doesn’t resemble steampunk so much as Gothic in the tradition of Poe and Mary Shelley, where a lone inventor’s creations mingle science with the occult.” For those of you who have nightmares about such things, there are no killer clowns in the book.

His Majesty’s Starship - Ben Jeapes

The Ben Jeapes books we mentioned last week are now both available in the store. These are the YA science fiction novel, His Majesty’s Starship, and the short story collection, Jeapes Japes. Both books are also available from the Kindle stores in the USA, UK and Germany, though Ben makes more money if you buy from us.

White Queen - Gwyneth Jones

One thing we were unaware of when we went to press last month was that the Gwyneth Jones novels (the Aleutian Trilogy) we have from Aqueduct have been “re-mastered”. That is, Jones has been through them and re-edited them. We don’t know how extensive the re-writing is, but Jones fans should certainly look at getting hold of these books.

We are continuing to look for more material to stock in the store, and have recently exchanged contracts with two prominent small presses. Keep watching our Twitter feed for more information.