New In Store: March 2011

Once again we have a lot of new books in store. Here are some highlights.

We have four new books from Aqueduct Press, including an award-winning novel, Mindscape by Andrea Hairston, and a new collection from Gwyneth Jones, The Universe of Things.

If you are looking for books with LGBT content, we have a new publisher joining the store: Chelsea Station Editions. We particularly like the sound of David Pratt’s Bob the Book, which tells the story of a gay book living in a bookstore in New York. We also have new books from Lethe Press.

The biggest news of the month is that ChiZine Publications are now selling through our store. This is a very fine Canadian small press specializing mainly in darker fiction. They have 19 books online already, including volumes by Claude Lalumière, Lavie Tidhar, Daniel A. Rabuzzi and Tim Lebbon.

Finally we welcome Fantasy Magazine to the store. This is the sister publication to Lightspeed. It has been going a lot longer, but has just been relaunched with ebook editions. If you buy Lightspeed and Fantasy together you get a significant saving.

If you want to hear the latest news about the store, the best way to do so is to follow the Wizard’s Tower Twitter feed.