Interview: Ann VanderMeer

Cheryl Morgan talks to editor, Ann VanderMeer, about Weird Tales and some of the projects she is working on with her husband, Jeff. Our apologies for the lack of video. As we are living in the future you can, of course, get free video phone calls to anywhere in the world, but the quality is not yet up to publishing standards. Ann is at home in Florida, Cheryl at home in England, the recording is voice only.

Some of the items mentioned in the interview include:

About the Interviewee

Ann VanderMeer

Ann VanderMeer is the founder of the award-winning Buzzcity Press and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Weird Tales, for which she has received a Hugo award. Ann has partnered with her husband, author Jeff VanderMeer, on such editing projects as the World Fantasy Award winning Leviathan series, The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases, The New Weird, Steampunk, Steampunk Reloaded and Fast Ships, Black Sails. She is also known for teaching writing workshops, including Clarion, Odyssey and Shared Worlds as well conducting creativity seminars for such varied audiences as the state of Arizona and Blizzard Entertainment.