New In Store: January 2011

We have an embarrassment of riches arriving in the store this month. I’d say that I don’t know where to start, except that this one is important.

Many of you will have heard about the terrible floods affecting parts of Queensland in Australia. Well a group of Australian writers has got together to put out a book to raise funds for the disaster relief appeal. Ironically Tehani Wessley had an anthology called After the Rain scheduled to come out in April. When the floods happened she arranged to have ebook versions of the book rushed out. I’m delighted to say that we have the book available in our store. All of the money we receive will be sent directly to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

Meanwhile we have two new publishers to welcome to the store. Many of you saw the seasonal sale we had for Prime Books in December. Prime has lots of great ebooks available, including the following:

Not content with that, I am delighted to welcome another of my favorite small presses, Aqueduct. To be able to sell books by people like Ursula K. Le Guin, Karen Joy Fowler and Gwyneth Jones is like a dream come true. The whole Aqueduct catalog is not yet available as ebooks, but we have some great books including the following:

Best of all, our entire stock of Aqueduct books are 25% off for the next week.

We also have a number of new titles from Lethe Press, including the complete run of Icarus magazine.

And finally we have some new titled from Wyrm publishing: Realms 1 and Realms 2, the Clarkesworld annual anthologies.