Editorial: January 2011

It has been a busy month. Yes, I know there were supposed to be holidays, but it has been all go around here.

To start with I should congratulate Karen Burnham on her new job as editor of the Locus Roundtable blog. Karen is passing on this issue while she gets the new venture up and running.

We do, however, have a couple of bonus articles. Sam Jordison accidentally created an interview while researching his column, while I wrote something about genre that I thought would go well here. We also have a guest article by Colin Harvey.

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro did such a good job on Pipeline last issue that I asked him to contribute again this month. When he once again came up with a really great list of books I decided I had no option but to offer him the job of editing the column. I’m delighted to say he accepted, so he’ll be with us full time from next issue.

There has been an enormous amount of activity over at the bookstore. Many of you took advantage of the seasonal sale we had when Prime Books joined us in December. This month we have yet another high profile small press to welcome to the store. Do check out the New In Store column, there are a lot of really good books there.

This issue has something of an art and comics focus. Paul Cornell talks about his comic-writing work, The Salon is all about the Graphic Story Hugo Award category, and the second interview this month features Judith Clute. Video interviews allow us to do much more interesting features with artists than mere words, and I hope we will be having more such features in the future.