Interview: Juliet E. McKenna

Cheryl Morgan talks to Juliet E. McKenna in a hotel room at BristolCon 2010. Juliet talks about her own novels, and about how to promote UK writers in a time of savage cutbacks in arts funding. Immediately after this interview Juliet and John Meaney did a wonderful panel on writing fight scenes, much of which involved doing violence to their brave volunteer victim, Joe Abercrombie.

Juliet E. McKennaJuliet E. McKenna has always loved history, myth and other worlds. She has written a dozen epic fantasy novels, most recently The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution trilogy, plus assorted diverse shorter fiction. She reviews for web and print magazines and promotes SF&F as part of The Write Fantastic. Living in West Oxfordshire, she fits all this around her husband and teenage sons. She’s currently working on Dangerous Waters, first book of The Hadrumal Crisis.

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