Clarke and Asimov Podcast

Well yes, they are dead. But the very wonderful Science Fiction Oral History Association has a fine collection of recordings, and now they have a podcast too. The first episode of The Space Dog Podcast features a recording from 1976. It was made for Ballantine Science Fiction Hour, which may have been a radio show but may just have been put out on vinyl. Ballantine Books were obviously using it to promote their authors in much the same way as websites like do with modern technology. The first half of the show is an interview with Sir Arthur C. Clarke. The second half is a discussion panel in which Isaac Asimov, Lester del Rey, Frederik Pohl, and Gordon R. Dickson discuss Clarke and much else besides. Highlights include Clarke expressing his admiration for Olaf Stapledon, Asimov explaining why he wants to be remembered for alien sex, and Pohl noting that he has a new book due out called Gateway that he thinks may be his best work to date.