New In Store: October 2010

Dark Spires - Colin HarveyWe are aiming to have copies of Dark Spires on sale at BristolCon. You can now pre-order the book at a special discount price of £6.99. If you are interested in a copy, please pre-order as we will not be printing many copies and pre-orders will be used as a guideline for how many we get done.

If you are going to be at BristolCon you’ll be able to buy the book there at the pre-order price. Please still pre-order, but when you get through to checkout select the “Collect” postage method.

For those of you put off by postage charges, especially to far-flung parts of the world, remember that we will have ebook versions of the book available too.

As a reminder, here’s what’s coming in the book:

  • Sarah Singleton: “The Preacher”
  • John Hawkes-Reed: “Pump House Farm”
  • Adam Colston: “Cobalt Blue”
  • Joanne Hall: “Corpse Flight”
  • Colin Harvey: “Spindizzy”
  • Eugene Byrne: “Spunkies”
  • Christina Lake: “The Sleeper Stone”
  • Guy Haley: “Outside”
  • Liz Williams: “Milk”
  • Roz Clarke: “Last Flight To West Bay”
  • Gareth L. Powell: “Entropic Angel”

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