If you would like to receive ebook copies of Salon Futura every month you can sign up for a subscription here. You will be charged each month, and can cancel the subscription through PayPal at any time. Note that buying a subscription is cheaper than buying individual issues through the Wizard’s Tower bookstore.

The email address that we ask for below is the address to which your copies of Salon Futura should be sent. That can be the direct address of your Kindle. We are not asking for the email address associated with your PayPal account, though the addresses may be the same.

You will notice that there is also a “none” format. That’s for those of you who don’t want ebook copies, but are still happy to pay $2 a month to help keep Salon Futura in business. We love people like that, and will try to find ways to reward them for their generosity.

Salon Futura subscription: $1.99

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