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  • Eclipse 4: Karen Burnham looks at the latest book in the acclaimed anthology series.

  • Anyone Home?: Karen Burnham's short fiction column goes in search of the Last Man on Earth.

  • Short Fiction: December 2010: From where I sit, it looks like a lot of fiction venues are looking to end the year on a high note. I had a wealth of great stories to chose from in November, and I don’t see things slowing down at all in December.

  • Short Fiction: October 2010: The wide variety of metaphor and symbolism available in speculative fiction allows authors to tackle a bewildering variety of topics. One of the most disturbing issues that authors can wrestle with is child abuse. This month I present three recent stories that broach the subject using entirely different sets of tropes: historical slipstream, near future SF, and secondary world fantasy.

  • Short Fiction: September 2010: Karen Burnham will be bringing us news of the best of recent short fiction releases, concentrating primarily on stories that are online where you can go and read them immediately.