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  • Cover: Full Moon: The issue's cover is "Full Moon" by Molly Rose Lee.

  • Beyond the Reach of Earth: The new Ken MacLeod triology reaches book two.

  • On Savage Shores: From the 15th century onwards, hundreds of native Americans crossed the Atlantic to Europe. Who were they, and what did they make of us? Caroline Dodds Pennock investigates.

  • His Dark Materials – Season 3: Having reach the end of the TV trilogy, Cheryl has thoughts about the philosophical message of the books.

  • Eastercon 2023: This year's Eastercon was a very mixed bag

  • The Roamers: Francesco Verso's new novel sets the next stage of human evolution in Rome

  • The Grey King: Book four of The Dark is Rising takes Will Stanton to North Wales

  • Picard – Season 3: The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard ramps up the fan service to parts of the dial where no show has gone before.

  • Editorial – April 2023: That was the month that wasn't. Also a Hugos reminder and the future of the Astounding Award.