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New Podcast: SF Encyclopedia

There is a new episode available on our podcast feed. In it, Cheryl Morgan talks to Graham Sleight about the newly launched Third Edition of the Science Fiction Encyclopedia, which was launched yesterday around the same time that iTunes was processing the podcast. Graham is the business manager for the enterprise. The encyclopedia is being written primarily by John Clute, David Langford and Peter Nicholls, with a large number of guest specialist contributors.

The official website of the new encyclopedia is here. There is also a working website here with sample entries and the contact form by which the editors can be contacted.

The encyclopedia blog, which Graham mentions in the interview, can be found here.

The new encyclopedia is part of the Gollancz SF Gateway project, which is online here.

The podcast is also available here, or you can download the mp3 from this link.

Alan Moore Interviewed

Irish fan, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, is an expert on the works of Alan Moore. The two talk often, and the results of their latest chat can be found online here. Moore talks about his new magazine, Dodgem Logic and various other new projects.

Horizontal Connections

Jonathan McCalmont has a bi-weekly gig posting links to interesting pieces of spec-fic related literary criticism that he has found around the Internet. In his latest column he is kind enough to mention us, but he also links to many other articles that are worth your attention. Our thanks to Jonathan for providing this valuable service so that we don’t have to.

Our Staff Are Busy

Over on her personal blog, Spiral Galaxy, Karen Burnham has been talking about the short fiction she has been reading recently. Being an engineer by inclination, she has been keeping data, which you may find interesting.

In addition Karen lists the various short fiction magazines that she is reading. If your magazine isn’t listed, please let her know.

Also we forgot to mention Sam Jordison’s latest foray into the back catalog of the Hugo Awards: this time he looks at Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama.

Heart of Darkness Reviewed

Those of you who enjoyed Sam Jordison’s exploration of Johanna Sinisalo’s Birdbrain and its relationship to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness might be interested in this review of the Conrad story by Larry Nolen.

Eclipse Four Table of Contents

Jonathan Strahan has posted the Table of Contents for the fourth volume of his critically acclaimed Eclipse anthology series. You can find the list of stories at his website.

NESFA Announces 4th Anderson Collection

NESFA Press has announced the publication of a fourth volume in its continuing series collecting the short fiction of Poul Anderson. It is named Admiralty after the lead story. The book has 508 pages and contains 23 stories. It is edited by Rick Katze, has an introduction by David G. Hartwell and a cover by John Picacio. For further details click here.

Call for Interstitial Criticism

Over at the Interstitial Arts Foundation Delia Sherman and Helen Pilinovsky are launching what they describe as a “rolling online anthology of interstitial criticism on interstitial texts”. One essay of between 750 to 3500 words will be published each month. Payment will be “a $25 honorarium per essay for non-exclusive world anthology rights.” For full details including how to submit work, see here.

Can science fiction be literature?

YES. Next question?

That was especially for you, Charlie Jane Anders.

Meanwhile, for everyone else, Damien G. Walter has made another assault on the Booker Prize over at The Guardian.

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Jeff VanderMeer has announced the table of contents for the forthcoming The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. It promises to be even more weird and wonderful as the now legendary Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases.

Sean Wallace to Edit Steampunk Anthology

Sean Wallace, the owner of Prime Books and former fiction editor at Clarkesworld, will edit the forthcoming Mammoth Book of Steampunk. Submissions guidelines are available on Sean’s LiveJournal.