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Interview: Alastair Reynolds


Cheryl Morgan talks to Alastair Reynolds in a hotel room during BristolCon 2010. Al talks about his books, the future of space flight, the lack of women science fiction writers, and how events such as RaceFail have influenced his work.
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Interview: Juliet E. McKenna


Cheryl Morgan talks to Juliet E. McKenna in a hotel room at BristolCon 2010. Juliet talks about her own novels, and about how to promote UK writers in a time of savage cutbacks in arts funding. Immediately after this interview Juliet and John Meaney did a wonderful panel on writing fight scenes, much of which involved doing violence to their brave volunteer victim, Joe Abercrombie.
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Interview: Seanan McGuire


Cheryl Morgan talks to Seanan McGuire in a hotel room in Melbourne, Australia.
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Interview: Colin Harvey


Cheryl Morgan talks to Colin Harvey at his home near Bath in England.
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Interview: Jay Lake


Cheryl Morgan talks to Jay Lake in a hotel room in Melbourne, Australia.
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Interview: Pat Cadigan


Cheryl Morgan talks to Pat Cadigan at Heathrow airport shortly after their return from Finncon.
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Interview: China Miéville

Cheryl Morgan talks to China Miéville at China’s home in North London.
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Interview: Lauren Beukes

Cheryl Morgan talks to Lauren Beukes at the home of John & Judith Clute in North London.
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