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Cover: Dark Spires

“Dark Spires” by Andy Bigwood
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In The Skin of a Lion

Sam Jordison finds a sense of wonder in Michael Ondaatje’s In The Skin Of A Lion.
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Somewhere in Time

Jonathan Clements on the many faces of Japanese science fiction author Yasutaka Tsutsui.
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Better Living Through Software

Cheryl Morgan finds recent science fiction releases share a common interest in the man-machine interface.
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The Salon: Is Fantasy Gendered?

This month in The Salon we discuss whether some fantasy literature is deliberately targeted at readers of a particular gender. The guests are Glenda Larke, an Australian fantasy writer, Lou Anders, an editor, and Tim Pratt, who writes urban fantasy as T.A. Pratt.
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Interview: Seanan McGuire

Cheryl Morgan talks to Seanan McGuire in a hotel room in Melbourne, Australia.
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Interview: Colin Harvey

Cheryl Morgan talks to Colin Harvey at his home near Bath in England.
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Pipeline: November 2010

This regular feature of Salon Futura highlights a number of significant book releases (and occasionally items in other media as well) in the month the issue is published. The selections will be made by Salon Futura contributors and staff, and occasionally by our podcast guests and interviewees.
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New In Store: November 2010

Dark Spires - Colin HarveyDark Spires will be launched tomorrow at BristolCon. We’ll keep the £6.99 pre-order offer available through the convention, but after that the shop will be closed for a day or two as we switch over to some new software and make ebook copies available. Pricing for the ebooks will be £2.99.

We’ll also be selling ebook copies of Salon Futura through the store. And if you are a small press or independent author that is interested in having us stock your ebooks, this would be a good time to get in touch.

Editorial: November 2010

This issue is coming together in a bit of a rush because I have half of my brain concentrating on BristolCon. We have the Dark Spires launch taking place there, and I’m on a couple of panels. Hopefully there will not have been too many typos.
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