Salon Futura will carry advertising and sponsorship of material. For details see below.

In addition the magazine’s web site will provide a news service. You may submit press releases to us at news [at] salonfutura [dot] net. Please note that we will generally not publish press releases in full but will precis down to one or two paragraphs. We are more likely to use a short-snappy announcement.

Website Ads

The website has five ad placement zones sized and priced as follows:

  • Premium sidebar (285×150) – $50
  • Standard sidebar (285×150) – $40
  • Left footer (275×200) – $40
  • Center footer (275×200) – $40
  • Right footer (275×200) – $40

Purchase is for the duration of an issue, which is approximately one month depending on production schedules.

Acceptable formats are JPG and PNG.

Wizard”s Tower Press reserves the right to decline ads that we believe may be illegal or will offend our readers.

To book an ad slot please write to adsales [at] salonfutura [dot] net.